Youth Opportunities


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A ministry that began in Antioch way back in year 252 A.D.!   Youth in grades 6-12 work in groups to assist the clergy and the congregation with worship. Those who carry the big brass crosses in the processions are called “crucifers.” There are also “torchbearers” (candle lighters and carriers), “book bearers” (Gospel Book carriers), “banner bearers” (banner carriers), and “thurifers” (the person swinging the incense burner on a chain—awesomely dangerous and cool at the same time!) These duties are preformed each Sunday and at special services.

The Acolytes are leaders in the church through the examples they set at the altar. Also, they are instrumental in helping the services to run smoothly. The roll of the acolyte is invaluable to the worship service.

A commitment of approximately 8-9 services a year is the standard amount each youth will serve.

Youth Chalice Bearers


Following confirmation, several youth are selected by the Youth Director and the Rector and are invited to serve as Chalice Bearers.  They complete the same instruction and licensing process as adults.