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Be the Church | Church of the Good Shepherd

Be the Church

As we look to the future, this fall Good Shepherd asked, “How can we continue being the sturdy oak brought to full life by many hands?”

Our Stewardship Committee shared an honest letter with the parish about the our present reality and what we as a faith community envision for our future.  The committee asked three questions:

  • Do we want Good Shepherd to offer more, less or the same?
  • What are we willing to commit to make that happen?
  • What do we think we should do to make it happen?

To read the full letter, click here.

Building on this, the committee shared with the parish their own stories about why Good Shepherd is their home and why they wish to see it endure for many more years to come.  This video series can be found in full here, and individually below.

To pledge a gift for 2020, go to bit.ly/BetheChurch2019 to fill out an online pledge card, or contact Nicole Seiferth in the church office at (423) 821-1583 or at nicole@gslookout.com.