Signup for Worship Services and Activities

As we continue to resume certain worship services and activities to our schedule in this time of pandemic, we’ve created this webpage to make it easier to find all of the different signup links we’re now using to ensure we can maintain appropriate social distancing and not overcrowd our indoor spaces.  Please bookmark this page as it will be updated weekly on Mondays with new links.

Beginning April 26, we are no longer having pre-registration for the Sunday 5:00 pm service! 

To sign up for an in-person Sunday service, call the church office or click on one of the registration links below.  Our 10:00 am service will also be livestreamed to Facebook and YouTube, as we have been doing.  Registration is not required if you are watching the livestream at home.

Missed the pre-registration deadline?  That’s ok!  Come to church anyway; we have overflow seating in case the main church gets filled.  The ushers can write your names down for contact tracing (should we need it) and will seat you.

NOTE: There are multiple screens to click through with a “Next” button.  The final screen will have a “Register” button to submit and complete your registration. Once you’ve successfully completed your registration, you will receive a confirmation email.  If you’re in doubt, please call the church office to verify.

Worship Services

Please note that you can also signup by calling our parish administrator, Nicole Seiferth, at the church office (423-821-1583).

For Sunday, May 16