The Balcony Railing

organ with railing1As part of the organ project, a more suitable railing for the balcony allowing for the better passage of sound to the nave floor was desired.  This would replace a solid wall which was part of the design of the church at the time of its construction.  Help from several members of the congregation was enlisted to create not only a musically suitable railing, but also one which would reflect Good Shepherd and would be a positive esthetical addition to the church.

The design of the railing reflects a general design found in the railing of the airport in Port-au-Prince, Haiti, where the church has done extensive mission work. The design of the railing includes doves of peace, each carrying an olive branch and images of the world.  In several places the railing has three dimensional effects in the ironwork.  The railing was dedicated to those found in Good Shepherd’s Book of Remembrance on All Saints Sunday, 2009.

Parishioners involved in the project incuded Mrs. Ann Aiken, A.I.A.,  Rev. Lou Garcia and Mr. Oswaldo Lopez-Armas.

organ railing focus