During a summer day camp organized in Haiti by several women from Good Shepherd, Ann Aiken, one of our parishioners who developed the day camp, was asked by the Bishop of Haiti to design a prototype school when he discovered that she was an architect. The result was a school that the Bishop thought could be built immediately. Through the efforts of Bill Squire, Canon to the Ordinary to (then) Bishop Tharp, a partnership was organized with St. Stevens in Oak Ridge, and construction began on the school in Petit Harpon that culminated in its dedication in 1999. Good Shepherd parishioners of all ages worked on the school construction project, encouraged by the faith, passion and perseverance of a core group of people that included Ann, Lou Garcia, Jim Hudson and others. The school today provides elementary school education to hundreds of Haitian children and is an on-going focus of Good Shepherd.

The leaders of the Haiti Committee hope to expand the school to provide a middle school. Currently, graduates of the elementary school must walk two hours to attend middle school. A $10,000 investment from Good Shepherd’s Outreach Missions and Ministries fund will provide the seed money needed to start a middle school next year, allowing children to continue their education in the community and providing an additional economic boost to Petite Harpon.

At the conclusion of every service at Good Shepherd, our Deacon instructs us to “Go in peace to love and serve the Lord.” We respond, “Thanks be to God.” The funding provided by the Church through the Outward Missions and Ministries Committee and the dedication of our parishioners to the Haitian people serves the Lord. Hallelujah!