Good Shepherd School

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Wondering about our COVID-19 safety protocols?

Click here to download a PDF of our updated protocols document for the 2021-2022 school year.

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The vision of the School is to be an exciting, nurturing community where the students, teachers and parents learn and live in daily affirmation of God’s love.


We believe:

  • All of God’s children are special and unique.
  • Each child deserves to have his or her own talents realized.
  • Children needMaking Green Pudding 2 (2) to be challenged and motivated in order to reach their full potential.
  • Learning begins in the home.
  • An active partnership between family, school and church is needed to prepare each child to live productively within the community.
  • Positive encouragement, nurturing and praise are essential for developing confidence and a positive self-image in children.
  • Creative play and social interaction are a major part of a well-balanced, educational curriculum for pre-school children.


To provide a safe, stimulating and exceptional learning environment that fosters the educational, spiritual and social development of individuals and prepares each child for life-long learning.