Sacred Studies Program

ss“Bidden or Not Bidden, God is Present.”

Classes, workshops and groups are offered through the Sacred Studies program for seekers interested in exploring alternative ways, frequently focused on the inner journey, to seek the Holy and to find God.

In 1970, Good Shepherd’s Christian Education Department offered Centerpoint, a four-year study of Carl Jung and his innovative, psychological approach in searching for the Holy, developed by the Episcopal Educational Center.  Small, facilitator-led groups studied the different aspects of Jung’s works—the psyche, ego, persona, shadow and psychological types—to find the focal points of their own being.  Through audio-visual presentations and reflections in group study, the studies of the unconscious began to take hold.

Over the years, Good Shepherd has continued to sponsor Jungian studies through conferences, retreats, book groups and small study groups.  Topics of study have included the Myers-Briggs personality theory, the Enneagram (another personality typology) and Natural Spirituality, the integration of Jungian theory in the Episcopal Church.

A Sacred Studies weekend workshop is held every fall and spring.  Please contact if you would like to be on the email list for Sacred Studies events.