Who is Good Shepherd?

Dear People of Good Shepherd,

This letter is about Good Shepherd, our love of this place, what it means to us, our children, our children’s children, the gifts it has given to us and our responsibility to give back to this sacred community.

We are asking ourselves and you, our community, three questions:

  • Do we want Good Shepherd to offer more, less or the same?
  • What are we willing to commit to make that happen?
  • What do we think we should do to make it happen?

In recent years, Good Shepherd lost several very generous benefactors. Their pledges accounted for $250,000 or 20% of the operating budget. This shortfall directly affected our budget. The 2018 and 2019 budgets were balanced only due to one-time, non-recurring events. We cannot count on that again. We also must not be dependent on an endowment to sustain Good Shepherd or to fund our clergy staffing.

And so, here we are, in need of an ongoing significant increase in pledges from our membership to maintain Good Shepherd as we know it. This is our church. The church that forms our spiritual life, marries our family members, teaches our kids the meaning behind the Bible’s stories and explores the mysteries of faith and God’s plan for our lives and the lives of our loved ones.

2020 will be a pivotal year in the life of Good Shepherd. Who do we want Good Shepherd to be? More than we have been? The same? Or less?

We believe we have the people and the resources to continue to grow and be more than we have been. We need your help and generosity, however, to make this a reality. This is OUR church. We need to show our love for this community through our presence and our gifts.

You will be hearing more from us in the weeks ahead. If you have any questions, please feel free to contact any of us. In the meantime, please keep Good Shepherd in your prayers.

Grace and peace,

Robert Childers, Rector, robert@gslookout.com

Phillip Lang, Sr. Warden, plangIV@yahoo.com

George Robinson, Jr. Warden, g.robinson@gmail.com

Katherine Currin, Stewardship Committee, katherinecurrin1@gmail.com

Susan Stein, Stewardship Committee, scsdesigns@hotmail.com

Tina Currin, Stewardship Committee, tinacurrin1980@gmail.com

Henry Oehmig, Stewardship Committee, henryoehmig@gmail.com

Mike Slocumb, Stewardship Committee, michaelslocumb@comcast.net