A change in the life of our parish

Dear People of Good Shepherd,

Grace and peace to you. Six years ago I called Mac Brown to be my assistant. I have watched him grow in his vocation as a priest here at Good Shepherd.

Mac is now ready to be the pastor of his own church and has accepted a call to be the rector of St. James Episcopal Church in Taos, New Mexico. His last Sunday with us will be July 21.

I am very happy for Mac and his family and wish him, Aloyse, Wolcott, and Fox blessings and God’s speed as they embark on this next phase of their journey and walk with Christ.

Following is a letter from Mac to the parish.

Blessings, grace and peace,

June 19, 2019

To our Family at the Church of the Good Shepherd, Lookout Mtn,

Next month marks the six-year anniversary of my call to Good Shepherd. Our time here has been an extraordinary blessing, and we are eternally grateful for your love, kindness, hospitality, and kinship as God’s people in this place.  We all have known that our time together was finite. I was called here to assist Robert, and in doing so, to learn what it is to live this life as a priest, to serve among faithful people, and to be the pastor God has called me to be. The call to Good Shepherd was one that allowed my development so that I would be well equipped to be a rector of a parish. I have untold thanks to Robert, Janice, Kathleen, John, Matt, Sandy, Becki, Sandra, Harry, for all of those who served on the vestry, and for all of you as faithful people, for you all have prepared me so very well.

Good Shepherd is the nursery of my family. Here, we had our two sons and your love helps us raise them. It was the rectory you provided to which we brought those boys home from the hospital. It is at the altar of Good Shepherd that I said the prayers at the Table for the first time. The school children are a daily delight as I hear, “Fr. Mac!!” ring down the halls of Good Shepherd School. And it was here at Good Shepherd that I truly began to wonder.

Although Aloyse and I are excited about our next adventure, we are also bracing for the grief that we know is inevitable. Our love for you and for this place cannot be fully articulated. This will forever be our first home as a family. Yet, it is time for us to go so that we may continue our service to God’s holy church. I have accepted a call to be the next rector of St. James Episcopal Church in Taos, NM. Our last Sunday at Good Shepherd will be July 21st.

This time of transition should be one of celebration of the good works Christ has done in us over the last 6 years. We should take the time to get ready for what is next and take time to sit with each other to say goodbye. Here, my friends, is yet another place for us to practice resurrection. You all will always be in our prayers. Our gratitude for you will never cease.

In the Light of Christ,

the Rev. Fred M. Brown